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Emissions Monitoring BS EN 14181 testing Equipment Supply Servicing Training Consultancy


We provide a comprehensive Air Emissions Monitoring Consultancy to private and public sector clients. Our site engineers undertake sampling of particulate and gaseous pollutants in accordance with relevant CEN, ISO, British Standards or US EPA Methods including:



Particulate Matter

BS EN 13284-1
BS ISO 9096:2003

Gas velocity, pressure and temperature

BS EN 13284-1:2002
BS 1042

Sulphur Dioxide

BS 6069: 4.4
BS EN 14791

Nitrogen Oxides

BS ISO 10849
BS EN 14792

Carbon Monoxide

BS ISO 12039
BS 15058:2006

Carbon Dioxide

BS ISO 12039


BS ISO 12039
BS EN 14789

Acid Gases

US EPA Method 8

Volatile Organic Compounds (0-20mg/m)

BS EN 12619:1999

Volatile Organic Compounds (20-500mg/m)

BS EN 13526:2002

Halogens and Halides

US EPA Method 26

Hydrogen Fluoride

BS ISO 15713:2006

Hydrogen Chlorides

BS EN 1911:1998


US EPA Method 4
BS EN 14790

Dioxins and Furans

BS EN 1948:2006

Total Mercury

BS EN 13211:2001


BS EN 14385:2004

Particle size analysis



We have many years experience in sampling all types of processes including Industrial Boilers, Incinerators, Crematoria, Foundries, Brick Kilns, Roadstone Plant, Aggregate Plant, Paint Manufacture and Spray Booths.  Our expertise is independently recognised through our UKAS certification to ISO 17025 and our accreditation under the Environment Agency's MCERT scheme.

Click here to download a copy of our UKAS schedule.


CES Environmental Instruments are amongst the UK's leaders in the calibration of continuous dust monitors and offer a wide range of services including:

  • Assessment of compliance with emission limits

  • Assessing process performance

  • Chimney height calculations

  • Dispersion modelling

  • Design studies


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