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 Equipment Supply

With the array of continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) available choosing the right one for a particular application can be a daunting task. Initial capital investment in any system will run into thousands of pounds allied to which are the longer term service and maintenance costs.
Clearly the environment within an emitting stack will be the greatest factor in determining the type of CEMS best suited to the task.

At CES Environmental Instruments Ltd we have acquired extensive experience of many types of CEMS produced by a variety of manufacturers operating under differing circumstances.

We are well equipped therefore to advise clients on continuous emission monitoring systems both at initial installation stage or when existing systems are to be renewed. We will source the equipment and arrange for the installation as required by the client.

Once installed it is necessary for the instrumentation to be calibrated against standard reference methods (SRMs). We are accredited by UKAS / MCERTs for the application of SRMs in determining a wide variety of species.

We are able therefore to assist clients through the whole process from initial specification to a fully functioning calibrated system.

As an independent company we will ensure that the most appropriate system for the duty is specified regardless of manufacturer.