Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Testing

What Is A LEV?

LEV systems are an extraction system that helps carry away airborne contaminants to reduce exposure to the respiratory system. They usually consist of a hood that transports the contaminants through ducting which then pass through a filter/scrubber before reaching a safe emission point, LEVs can be used to carry away gas, mist, fumes, dust and vapour.

Do I Need To Test My LEV?

In accordance with the Health & Safety Executive HSG258 (2017) document it is recommended as per the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) schedule that the maximum time between testing an LEV system is 14 months. There are however some exceptions:

  • Processes in which blasting is carried out in or incidental to the cleaning of metal castings in connection with their manufacture - 1 month
  • Jute cloth manufacture - 1 month
  • Processes, other than wet processes where metal articles (other than gold, platinum or iridium) are ground, abraded or polished via mechanical power in a room for more than 12 hours a week - 6 months
  • Processes giving off dust or fume in which non-ferrous metal castings are produced. - 6 months
Why Choose CES Environmental Instruments Ltd.?

We are happy to offer a great LEV testing service with over 20 years of experience covering a broad variety of industries. Our LEV testing capabilities are as follows:

  • All aspects of LEV testing as per regulation 9 of COSHH
  • Energy saving advice on LEV systems
  • Awareness training in LEV testing with all the associated regulations

If you think our services are what you're looking for or want to find out more then give us a call or use our contact form.

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