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What is the Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD)?


1.The MCPD is legislation which regulates emissions of

nitrogen oxides NOx,

sulphur dioxide (SO2) and

dust into the air

from medium combustion plants which also includes commercial boilers. It specifies the level of ongoing monitoring to ensure continued compliance for any plant covered by this directive.

2. Why was the MCPD introduced?

The MCPD aims at reducing air pollution to protect citizens from the harmful effects of these emissions on human health.

3. What is a ‘medium combustion plant’ (MCP) and what does the MCPD cover?

A Medium Combustion Plant is an individual combustion plant with a rated thermal input greater than or equal to 1MW but less than 50MW.

4. If I install two or more boilers which will provide more than 1MW as total output, do they have to comply with MCPD?

The MCPD regulates individual combustion plants with a thermal input greater than or equal to 1MW.

Individual plants with an output lower than 1MW:

80-400kW of output: covered by ErP regulations

400-1000kW of output: covered by Building Regulations

5. When did the MCPD come into force/when does it apply from?

20th December 2018: emission limit values for new medium combustion plants have been enforced and need to be complied with

Registration/permission is required from the relevant authority before the plant can be put to service

Any plant where it cannot be proven that it was installed and operational before that date will be regarded as new plant and immediately subject to the requirements of MCPD

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