App Privacy Policy

Data We Collect

Our apps do not collect any data on the user by ourselves or third parties. Any form of storage e.g. favourites or previous exams is stored locally on your device and cannot be accessed by us.

Data Security

We follow secure web protocols using a secure HTTPS connection between your device and our server.

App Permissions

Our apps request access to the internet. We request this permission because it is needed in order to provide links to external websites and in particular Stack Testers Revision Friend an internet connection is needed to fetch revision images and exams from our server. We have built this way so we can add new content to the app without requiring the user to update the app. We do not collect any data when requests are sent to our servers.

We only use data that is required for the basic functionality of this website, if you continue to use this website you agree to this use. For more information see our privacy policy.