Technical Support

Need Help Or Advice?

Emissions monitoring can be an in depth and complex subject. Are you looking for help and advice on:

  • Emissions monitoring
  • Continuous emissions monitoring equipment
  • All aspects of BS EN 14181
  • Environmental regulations
How We Can Help

We have been operating for over 25 years and have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience to help keep your business running smoothly. We have acted in a consultancy/technical support capacity to clients in both the UK and abroad including the Hong Kong Productivity Council. As an independent company, we offer objective unbiased advice to keep your business running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Some of the technical support services we can offer are:

  • Stack height calculations
  • Advice on equipment selection
  • Equipment performance and optimisation
  • Regulation and legislation advice
  • Health and safety
  • Occupational health in the work place
  • LEV inspection and testing
  • Noise monitoring

Not find what you're looking for? Want to enquire about technical support? Give us a call or get in touch using our contact form.

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