BS EN 14181

What is BS EN 14181?

BS EN 14181 (Quality Assurance of Automated Testing Systems) is a European standard that covers approval, calibration, testing and performance of automated measuring systems (AMS), also commonly known as continuous emissions measuring systems (CEMs). The standard covers CEMs installed on large combustion or waste incineration plants and is broken down into 4 sections:

  • Quality Assurance Level 1 (QAL1) - Make sure suitable monitoring instrumentation is used.
  • Quality Assurance Level 2 (QAL2) - Making sure the instrumentation is calibrated and set-up correctly in accordance with relevant standards.
  • Quality Assurance Level 3 (QAL3) - The ongoing assessment of the instrumentations performance.
  • Annual Surveillance Test (AST) - Annual assessment against relevant standards.
Who Can Carry Out BS EN 14181 Calibration And Checks?

In order to make sure you're meeting the requirements of BS EN 14181, the CEMs used in your process must be able to achieve and maintain applicable MCERTS performance standards and be MCERTS certified.

In addition, when trying to meet the QAL2 and AST sections of the standard, an independent test laboratory that has been accredited to ISO 17025 and the MCERTS standard in regards to implementation BS EN 14181 must be used. The test laboratory will independently measure your gas stream against the results of the CEMs to make sure it is meeting the required performance standards.

Why Choose CES Environmental Instruments Ltd.?

At CES Environmental Instruments we have a vast amount of experience in terms of BS EN 14181 testing. We worked with The Environment Agency helping pilot the introduction of BS EN 14181 and as a result we were one of the first companies to gain UKAS accreditation to this standard. View our accreditations

In addition we also supply all the equipment you need in order to meet the requirements of BS EN 14181. This enables us to provide the following services in relation to BS EN 14181 testing:

  • Advice on a selection of CEMs to help you find the one that will meet your all of your requirements (QAL1)
  • Installation and commissioning of CEMs (QAL2)
  • Servicing and functionality testing
  • Calibration against relevant standard reference methods (QAL2)
  • Annual Surveillance Testing (AST)
  • Advice and training on performance monitoring (QAL3)

If you think our services are what you're looking for or want to find out more then give us a call or use our contact form.

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